What is Quartz?
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What is Quartz?

What is the difference between synthetic stone ie “quartz” and granite? His composition.

Quartz slices contain over 90% natural crystals to which a polymer-based resin and color pigments are added. Its characteristics in terms of hardness and durability are therefore very similar to those of granite.

Why do we choose quartz? For reasons of personal taste. Quartz manufacturers have more surfaces with very fine grain or greater uniformity. In addition, these materials are available in a variety of colors.

Quartz is used in the manufacture of counters, fireplace surrounds, bathing podiums, vanities and other furnishings. In our experience, outdoor use is not recommended.

We are processing and installing Caesarstone, Hanstone, Samsung, SantaMargherita, Silestone and Zodiaq branded products in addition to our proprietary brand, Quartz Plus.



The thickness of the slabs is 30mm (1 1/4 “) with a tolerance of ± 1mm.

Slabs average 54 “x 120” (regular size) and 63 “x 120” (or larger, jumbo format). Currently the jumbo format is only available from some manufacturers and in some cases for a limited number of colors only.

Weight: 15 lbs per square foot.

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