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“Granite is a magmatic stone formed essentially of quartz and feldspars and incidentally mica, which once cut and polished can be used in ornamentation”.

Granite is a multi-purpose beauty stone that is extremely hard and has a natural stain resistance. It is the material of choice for kitchen counters and bathrooms, fireplace towers, bath podiums, furniture, shower bases and more. Moreover, it is used inside and outside since the natural elements, such as the sun, do not alter its appearance.


Granite remains and remains a natural stone with unique characteristics. It is therefore foreseeable to occasionally encounter certain visual imperfections. Some granites may have: color variations , dark spots of various shapes and sizes, zebra , pitted surface, or micro-cracks . Be fearless, all these marks result from natural phenomena . They can be more or less widespread depending on the type of granite and more or less visible depending on the lighting, but they do not affect the quality or the solidity of the granite. These are simply distinctive marks for those who appreciate pure beauty.

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